3D Documentation of selected monuments and exhibits

Mathematical modeling of archaeological uncertainty

Pilot interactive demonstration setup

Expected results

The three main results of 3D4Delphi are:

  1. 3D Documentation of selected monuments and exhibits of the archaeological site of Delphi. Free 3D monitoring software such as s Autodesk ReCap, Faro Scene LT, Acute 3D Viewer, Polyworks Viewer and Autodesk Review, are used in order that all users will directly take advantage of all the benefits that the accurate 3D digital models can provide.

  2. Development of algorithms for 3D reconstructions based on the mathematical modeling of archaeological uncertainty and the 3D documentation. The overall goal of the project was to develop mathematical modeling and visualization of archaeological uncertainty resulting in 3D alternative reconstructions of buildings.

  3. Development of a pilot interactive demonstration setup, that was designed and installed at the Museum of Delphi. Furthermore, the new 3D documentation data provided the basis for development of an Augmented Reality (AR) application, implemented with modern software development tools.

«The Action is co-financed by EPANEK (European Regional Development Fund of the European Union and by national resources) and is implemented through the General Secretariat for Research and Innovation (GSIC)»